Capstones | 2017

Our inspiration: Emily Pilloton, Teaching Design for Change
Our inspiration: Emily Pilloton, in Teaching Design for Change (her TED Talk). See also: “If You Build It,” a PBS Documentary, and

… while you also teach an entire middle school community about design thinking, the importance of empathy, and the latest technologies for digital creation?

Welcome to “Technology, Engineering and Design” at Northfield Community Middle School in Northfield, New Jersey, where students come to “Digital Shop,” our very own makerspace / fablab, to work on projects that matter. This page will begin to lay out those capstone projects, how we expect them to go, what we hope students will learn, and how our communities will change as a result.

Why Capstones? Why Every Grade?

We used them last year … worked well … planning to this year, too.

More to come!