NCMS Students are Presenting at Maker Faire NYC this weekend!

Screenshot of our panel’s page on the Maker Faire site. Inset: Anila (Grade 5) shows a prototype communication bracelet to Jake (Grade 2), who lives with hearing loss, while Will and Jake’s brother Andrew (both in Grade 5 as well) look on.

Excited and proud to officially announce that a team of NCMS students will be sharing about their experience in “Digital Shop” at World Maker Faire New York this Sunday afternoon at 4:30 pm! Our event team includes:

  • Brooke D., Grade 6
  • Charlie P., Grade 6 [panelist]
  • Courtney I., Grade 7
  • Gianna G., Grade 6
  • Hanna T., Grade 8  [panelist]
  • Logan R., Grade 8 [panelist]
  • Madeline R., Grade 7
  • Melina C., Grade 8 [panelist]

Although we could only have four kids on the actual panel, all eight will represent NCMS at Maker Faire and the Education Stage event. Jessica Parker, Education Community Manager for, will moderate the panel. (Glenn Robbins and I will also be along for the ride.)

We are truly grateful for Jessica’s support of our fledgling program, and for giving our students’ work a wider audience. N.B.: Courtney and Madeline were part of our award-winning team* at Maker Faire National (Washington, D.C.) in June; this will, I believe, be their first Maker Faire for the others. I can’t wait to see how the experience excites, amazes and challenges them.

Congrats, kids! Enjoy and learn lots!

* – our insanely popular hands-on exhibit won ‘Best in Class’ and ‘Editor’s Choice’ awards. Pics here!

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