What Students Say

Young girls are walking into a classroom with smiles on their faces.

“This new program is the highlight of my school day. It is the best class ever! My favorite part of Digital Shop class is all the projects we do. I don’t think anything could make this class better. This class is perfect for my creativity!” – Laurel F., grade 5

“I think that the new program is really cool. Digital Shop is really fun and very interesting. The hands-on activities are awesome. My favorite part of Digital Shop is getting to do things that will help students design and create. It is great already.” – Sarah R., grade 7

And let’s hear from the students themselves. One sixth-grade boy says:

“I learned that I can push myself over the limit and do something great.”

A seventh-grade girl tells us:

“When I’m in Digital Shop, I feel like I’m able to create the inventions I’ve always wanted. I’ve learned that if I am interested in doing something, I will do anything to stick to the subject until it’s perfectly finished. Even though I mess up, it’s fun to go to Digital Shop and try again.”

An eighth-grade boy admits:

“I’m more creative than I thought, and I’m good at making prototypes.”

And this, from another seventh-grade girl:

“One thing I have learned about myself is that I can do way more than I expected. I walked into Digital Shop looking at other people’s amazing work, thinking I would never be able to create something that good. But with the right amount of time and patience, I am getting closer and closer to the designer I would like to be.”