What Parents Say

Just writing you to tell you how much Ian has been talking about Ed Camp.  He chose Cooking with Mrs.Devine and has not stopped talking about all weekend.  He shared the recipe with me and asked if we could make the Salad and the dressing.  The dressing and chopping onions were his part. He also kept reminding me that he has to go in early this week to do the prep work.  This is awesome on so many levels.  It gives them confidence, a sense of independence and empowerment, and it opens up their minds to different food choices.  This is an amazing process to watch as a parent.  Bravo Ed Camp and the 7th Grade Team!
I just wanted to share with you how much CiCi loves the new Edcamp experience at school.  I’m sure some choices aren’t as popular (she did have to do sudoku last week but was still ok with that because she had friends there with her), but having a five day rotation is a great way to vary the classes.  CiCi does very well in the “typical” school environment, but this has taken it to the next level for her.  I think it’s a much better use of time than adding extra subject work through encore.  The kids seem to feel a bit in control of part of their day, and get to hang out with friends & students who may not be in their classes otherwise.  This might even allow them focus better for the remainder of the day.

CiCi has been talking about Julia Julia nonstop since she was able to pick it last week.  We’re excited about anything that makes school fun, but at the same time, I think it’s fantastic that it isn’t all technology focused and & has included a wide variety of topics and some back to basics learning.  We all grew up with home economics in middle school, but these kids think that getting to cook (and eat!) in school is amazing.  The recipes in Julia Julia are things we’re going to let her make at home (and thank you for including two salads!).  I know this one would get expensive to continually offer, but maybe if the Edcamp is something that is going to stay, there would be room in the budget (or maybe a grant from the new PTO/NEF?) to fund ingredients.  It has been wonderful & I know CiCi is sad to see it end.  She even skipped her flute lesson for the first time ever to stay in class.

Thank you for the time & effort that was put into designing the Edcamp period and to Julia Julia specifically!

“I love what is happening in the school. It feels so fresh and innovative.”

“I love that there is no limit to what they can dream up, create, and aspire to. That is really the take-home message of the year — anything is possible, just give it a try. No limits. The kids aren’t treated as ‘just kids.’ Their ideas and thoughts are important and are taken seriously. And they are ‘doing,’ not ‘listening,’ in the design studio.”

“The program is opening up a world of possibilities for the students’ futures and giving them advanced experience in fields that are growing in today’s world. There is something to interest everyone, and the program may only be limited by one’s own imagination. A child who struggles in other parts of the school day can flourish with creative, hands-on class time that will only benefit his future.”

“My son comes home from school excited to share what’s new, what he is creating and/or working on. Today he spent a good 15 minutes explaining to me their invention to melt the snow in the driveway. Definitely a far cry from me asking how his day was and him saying ‘OK’ or ‘boring.’ Now he tells me how fun school is!”

“I have definitely witnessed my son’s interest in technology increase as well as seeing that spark of creativity lit. Never did I think he would want to build or design anything, and now he is always on his tablet designing buildings or neighborhoods, using empty boxes and cushions to make a car or something, and also teaching himself how to make gaming videos, etc.”