Dear Prospective Members of the Northfield Community,

Our dedicated staff of educators possess a solid reputation and are praised for their devotion and commitment to the social, emotional, and academic excellence of the students of Northfield.  The City of Northfield deserves no less.  Our staff supports each and every child, in the belief that students, teachers, and staff are all active learners and discrete problem-solvers.  Each individual contributes to our strength and success as a whole.

We have so much to offer our children, but here are some highlights:

  • Solid Standards-Based Curriculum
  • Extensive student exposure to Drones and Coding Robots
  • Use of iPads and Chromebooks
  • Google Classrooms
  • STEAM Lab, STEAM Fair, and extensive problem-solving opportunities within each classroom
  • Association with the Federal Aviation Administration and visits and lessons from our very own FAA Architect
  • Robotics in every classroom
  • Strictly student-centered activities:
    • Character and Citizenship Recognitions
    • Studying tadpoles and frogs, to butterflies and habitats, our students are free to learn and explore
    • Safety Committee – Kindness Kid-mmittee (activities and student participation)
    • Science Essay Challenges – Class newspaper
    • 3-D Printer Challenges
    • 3-D Art Challenges
    • 3-D Music Challenges
    • Lego Challenges
    • Recycled Art Contest
    • Chess Club, Book Club
    • Mathletes Teams
    • Robotics Club
    • Computer Science Club
    • Junior Stars (Mentoring)
    • Garden Club
    • Traveling Tech Team
    • Student Announcements – Student Daily Independent Responsibility
    • Miss America visits
    • Grade-Level Trips to the Philadelphia Art Museum, City Hall, Birch Grove Park, Golf, and the Cape May Zoo
    • Kindergarten Ice Cream Social
    • Fourth Grade Moving Up Celebration
    • Field Days
  • Community-Based Initiatives – Renaissance Activities
    • Toy Drive
    • Book Drive
    • Food Drive
    • Humane Society Collections
    • Diaper and Baby Needs Drive
    • Penny Wars for Make-a-Wish Initiative
    • Year-long Homeless Shelter collections
    • Student visits to the Senior Center
    • Senior visits to our classrooms

Also, please view our school FaceBook page:     http://tinyurl.com/ncselem-facebook



Maureen E. Vaccaro
Maureen E. Vaccaro
Northfield Community Primary and Elementary School Principal