Group 1 Week 1 Recap

We had an awesome first day yesterday! Our main goal was to get to know each other and play some singleplayer offline Minecraft. The computers worked well and everyone had a good time. This group has our largest number of 1st graders – six – and some had never played Minecraft before. Everyone helped each other. It was amazing. We created our first “Server Team” – Adam, Camille, Evan, Jenna & Nick. They will be in charge of building the server for this group. Next up: setting up Minecraft EDU accounts and planning for our server launch, hopefully next week!

Here are some photos:

Minecraft Group 1 Day 1

Our first-ever Minecraft@NCS After-School Program Meeting was a success for two reasons. 1) Everything worked. 2) People helped each other. A lot. (Love the leadership of this particular 8th grade girl, who is also on our Group 1 “Server Team.”)

Minecraft Group 1 Day 1

Another favorite from today, and another member of our Group 1 “Server Team” (in this case a 6th grade girl) helping a 1st grade boy get going.

Minecraft Group 1 Day 1

Members of the “Server Team” rocked Minecraft on four Samsung Series 5 550’s running ChrUbuntu Linux – gameplay was “smooth as satin and fat as butter.” They also met with me for a good part of the afternoon planning our server build.

Minecraft Group 1 Day 1

I knew that TNT could blow things up in Minecraft, but, I had no idea how creative the destruction could become. Look carefully. There is a fuse running from this “Evil Clown Monster’s” foot. The rear of the creation is TNT.

The “Evil Clown Monster” gets what’s coming to him. 🙂 One of our most experienced Miners user created this in about 20 minutes.

Today was great fun, but it was easy, offline singleplayer gameplay. We need to get these kids onto our server (or Lucas Gillespie’s Pender County Schools build) so they can start mining and crafting TOGETHER in virtual space. That is our #1 priority for the coming week!

Today, it’s Group 2’s turn! Can’t wait!

Mr. Jarrett

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    • My pleasure, thanks for commenting, much more greatness to come. Camille is a natural leader. Can’t wait to see where she takes this!

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