Minecraft on a Chromebook? Yup. But, it ain’t easy…PART 1

One of my goals for winter break was to get Minecraft running on a Google Chromebook. My erstwhile colleague (and fellow elementary STEM teacher) Dave Zirkle worked with me for most of the day yesterday, and, we got it done. Here’s proof:

Minecraft on a Chromebook 550

If that screen looks odd it is because our solution involved installing Ubuntu Linux on the Chromebook. This post documents our efforts for anyone interested. Here’s the bottom line: if you are willing and able to add a second operating system (the free Ubuntu Linux in our case) and your Chromebook is fast enough (like the Samsung Series 5 550, the most powerful model currently available), Minecraft is DEFINITELY playable.

Our First Testbed: my Chromebook CR-48

I have two Chromebooks. The CR-48 was the first Chromebook ever made, and was originally given away free to lucky people deemed worthy by “The Google.” Clearly not in that category, I had to snag one on eBay (paid $162 for it about a year ago.) It’s a great basic laptop, speedy enough for what it is, and works great. But would it be powerful enough to run Minecraft? I had my doubts, but, I wanted us to use the CR-48 to learn the process before attempting it on my Samsung Series 5 550. This decision would cost us time, but in the end, gave us the confidence to literally tear through the process with the 550 and get Minecraft up and running pretty easily.

Two Roads Diverged in a Wood

After doing some quick research, one thing was clear: we needed Ubuntu Linux. We had to choose: load Ubuntu on a bootable SD (memory) card or on the Chromebook’s internal 16gb SSD (solid state hard drive)? We chose the former because it was the least invasive and theoretically cleanest approach. (Too bad it didn’t actually WORK…)

We scoured the interwebz for information about making a bootable SD card for the CR-48, but were unsuccessful. We did however find several people talking about booting Ubuntu from an SD card with Chromebook 550’s. The most promising was this post in the Chromebook Central Google Group. Yossi Oren is “currently a Ph.D. student at  the Cryptography and Network Security Lab at Tel-Aviv University.” (Wrap your head around that for a moment. A Ph.D. student in Cryptography and Network Security. Holy crap! We were both way out of our league here…) Yossi’s post was from back in July, and it’s clear he was (is?) actively developing a script to facilitate this process. Sadly, when I ran the command, the destination page/script failed to load; the website address was timing out (the site was unreachable). I posted to the Google Group and tweeted to him in the hopes of a response. None came, until today – I tried the link again when writing this post and the script seems to work. More on that in another post!)

We would later find this post by Olof Johansson, a Google engineer, who has Ubuntu running on his ARM-based ($249) Chromebook. (Yeah, this is what a Ph.D. student in Cryptography and a Google Engineer do for fun!) Reading through it, my head promptly exploded. We decided to move ahead with installing Ubuntu directly onto the Chromebook’s SSD.

If at first you don’t succeed, get a different hammer

With our new direction, we eventually found this post (actually a collection of posts) and figured we were home free:

How to Play Minecraft on Chromebook (ChromeOSZone)

The first link, a set of instructions for “rooting” the CR-48, worked perfectly (I’d already done most of it before.) The second, how to add the java plugin, nearly sank us.

Dave is an experienced Unix user and knows his way around character-based operating systems. There is no way – NO WAY AT ALL – that I would have had the patience and skill to navigate the instructions the way Dave did, but in the end, it didn’t matter. We got hung up with an error like this:

jre-6u37-linux-i586.bin: line 86: ./install.sfx.5587: Permission denied. Failed to extract the files. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section of the Installation Instructions on the download page for more information.

CURSES! Others had the problem too, and it appeared we were out of luck, until we found THIS blog post:

ChrUbuntu 12.04. Now with double the bits! (Chromebooks and Chrome OS)

This … WORKED!!! We ran the script exactly as instructed and after some annoying beeps we were greeted by the sight of ChrUbuntu running on my CR-48!!!

I can haz ChrUbuntu (on my CR-48)

Everything worked, too – wireless, audio, everything – and the system was VERY responsive, noticeably faster even than the stock ChromeOS.

It was all going so well…

The final step for our CR-48 test mule was to install Java (super simple via the “ChrUbuntu Store” applet). We went with Version 7, only to later discover that Minecraft would not run (we got a black screen after the Minecraft login page.) We uninstalled Version 7 that and went with Version 6 (also in the store), and Dave set the Minecraft.jar file (the Linux version I downloaded as a registered user) to execute and with a right click, open with command we had Minecraft up and running on the CR-48!

Minecraft on a Chromebook CR-48

There was only one problem – performance was horrible … completely UNPLAYABLE due to lag (and this was running Single Player, locally [no network]). It looked terrible too. This was no surprise as we knew the CR-48 hardware would likely be insufficient. Ah, well, onward ho!

We’re Dangerous When We Know What We’re Doing

I tossed the 550 onto the desk and began preparations for the install. In minutes we had the script running. We waited … and waited … and waited. Eventually, it finished. The rest of the steps ran like clockwork. Install Java6, make the .JAR file executable, “open with,” and SHAZAM! It’s Minecraft time! (I even went directly to my local network’s server rather than using Single Player mode.)

Minecraft on a Chromebook 550

SUCCESS! Minecraft on the 550 was much, much better! It LOOKED great and RAN smoothly! (I am conducting more performance tests now to estimate how well it will work on an ARM-based [$249] Chromebook.)

Why do this? Why? Why? WHY?!?!?

I basically burned an entire day of Winter Recess – as did my friend Dave, who drove almost two hours to be here and help. I invested even more time today (wait for my next post). Why? Several reasons:

  • We are suckers for a challenge, especially one involving technology.
  • We are lifelong learners. We learn “for fun.” This was … fun. Hard fun!
  • Our Minecraft@NCS program is gonna be huge. HUUUUUUGE! More people are interested than we can accommodate.  I’ll do anything I can do to help my local community (and anyone else) get the most out of this wonderful educational program, even if they can’t participate in our after-school gatherings. Think of the young engineers and scientists we could be developing!

That’s all for the moment. Now, to write the blog post that makes almost EVERYTHING I SHARED ABOVE … meaningless! Not kidding!

– Mr. Jarrett

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  2. Will this work on the Acer Chromebook? I got the Acer for my kids this Christmas so they could play Minecraft, and found out too late that Minecraft won’t load onto it. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    • Hello Matt, to my knowledge, it does not yet work on the Acer. People are interested in it though. Visit the links I posted and watch the comments. It might happen sooner than you think!

        • Pretty sure the Acer is not powerful enough to run Minecraft. Seem to recall it’s been done but was unplayable. Not sure though…

      • Yes, it’s playable and will work, just install Linux and it should be fine. Search it on YouTube if you don’t believe me.

        • Try searching for opti-fine and see about getting it running… I have been able to get MC to run on lots of low-end hardware using opti-fine including an ARM-based Advent Vega (non-stock ROM, heavy modifications)… Also never loose your sense of play or your willingness to learn this blog post has been an awesome read!

          • Whenever I try to log in, the launcher loads, disappears as if loading into the game, and shows up in the launcher again. I checked the console and it says that the game crashed. Would Opti-Fine help with that?

        • How well does it run? FPS wise because I recently got one and was thinking about downloading minecraft on it

      • I watched a youtube video of minecraft on an acer?
        Matt if it is possible,you could try to get the linux kernel root.
        😉 (i’m only 10 years old!)

    • The reason you can’t is because Minecraft runs on HP, Linux, and Windows. To download it, you would need to reroute your chrome to run on Linux software, defeating the purpose of a Chromebook. There are YouTube videos on this, but I would suggest buying a Linux computer or going to a computer store and having them do it.

  3. Hi, can you tell me if you have run and tested this on the $249 Chromebook yet? My son is patiently waiting for this.

    • Unfortunately in my tests, the $249 Chromebook does not run Minecraft at a playable framerate, even with minimal graphics settings. I will post how I got it running in case anyone wants to try for themselves:

      1. Follow steps to install ChrUbuntu on the ARM ($249) Samsung Chromebook here: http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.com/2012/10/arm-chrubuntu-1204-alpha-1-now.html

      2. Follow steps in this post (Install Java6, make jar executable, etc.). You’ll likely be able to log into your Minecraft account but see a black screen after login. You need to launch Ubuntu Software Center, click “All Software” at the top of the window, then type ‘lwjgl’ into the search box. It should return a handful of results. I installed both “Lightweight Java Game Library” and “Lightweight Java Game Library (jni)” from this list.

      3. You need to patch your Minecraft to use the version of the LWJGL you just installed.

      From the /usr/share/java directory, I copied ‘jinput-20100502.jar’, ‘lwjgl.jar’ and ‘lwjgl_util.jar’ into the ~/.minecraft/bin directory (overwriting existing copies of these files). I also renamed ‘jinput-20100502.jar’ to ‘jinput.jar’.

      From the /usr/lib/jnl directory, I copied ‘libjinput.so’ and ‘liblwjgl.so’ into the ~/.minecraft/bin/natives directory (again, overwriting the existing files).

      4. You should now be able to launch Minecraft, login, and see the splash/start screens.

      Like I said, the framerate is abysmal, but perhaps future updates to ChrUbuntu will integrate better with the hardware and upgrade performance.

      • Tyler, thanks so much for doing this and sharing your results. I’d feared the 550, with a much more powerful processor, graphics chip and more RAM, was a much better solution. I trust you installed to the local SSD? In my tests that option is noticeably faster than the fastest SD card (Class 10). The nice part about these machines is that if you don’t like the results, a factory wipe quickly and easily restores everything to the way it should be. What are your plans at this point regarding Minecraft on that unit? Or are you done testing?

        • Yes, I installed on the SSD, and unfortunately, I don’t know much about Ubuntu or the Java graphics library to dig much deeper at the moment, but here’s hoping someone with more familiarity with these components can build off of what I was able to piece together.

      • I am using the chroot version of Ubuntu on my ARM Chromebook. I replicated what you did, but Minecraft just loaded to a black screen, and stayed there.

        • Check the links I posted – I am pretty sure the black screen issue has to do with video drivers. It *SHOULD* work, albeit slowly, as some have reported. The ARM Chromebooks just don’t appear to have enough graphic and CPU horsepower to run Minecraft well. :/

          • I patched LWJGL and am running Java 6 and it also does not work for me. Any ideas on potential fixes?

            I was unable to find the links you were talking about in this post – what do you mean?

            Thank you

      • what if, with chrubuntu 12.04 (just installed on a sd card) running on my samsung series 3 ARM chromebook, i open the ubuntu software center, search ‘lwjgl’ in ‘all software’ and it tells me ‘no items match “lwjgl” software center was unable to come up with any suggestions that may aid you in your search’ ???

      • I followed all these steps one the $249 Samsung ARM, got the “black screen” after minecraft login, but when I went to the Ubuntu software center and looked for lwjgl, nothing showed up. :(. I know you said framrate was bad, but I’m trying to teach my son a lesson in perseverance. It’s worth noting that I installed chrubuntu on a class 10 sd card. Os performance seemed fine actually. Just can’t get past the black screen after minecraft login. Looked for video driver info as suggested, but could figure it out. Any advice would be grand.

      • I got the splash screen to show, however, I can’t click on any of the menu items. I click “options” and “single player” but nothing happens.
        Do you know of a solution to this?

  4. Thanks for the tip about which Java version to use. Removed Java 7 and replaced it with Java 6. Works like a charm now!

  5. I have the Chromebook Series 5 Arctic White 3G Laptop/Not​ebook.

    My son wants Minecraft…end of discussion. I’ve read your post but I need you to tell me if it will work on my chromebook, work well (as he will totally know the difference) and give me the step by step.

    I am very computer savvy, but I got a bit lost in reading all the information.


  6. Mr. Jarrett,

    I’m curious. Have you had any experiences with putting this on a USB 3.0 drive and comparing it to the SD models? I’m not a huge techie, but I seem to remember reading something about how fast the newer USB 3.0 devices were. Possibly a test for the new Samsung ARM Chromebook? 😛

    • I have no experience with them but it’s clear that ChrUbuntu can be installed onto flash drives so yes the faster access time would be a benefit, no doubt!

  7. i also have a samsung 5 serial chromebook and have chrUbuntu 12.04 installed

    there’re 2 problems :

    1, the touchpad cant support multi-touch under the os
    2, when its screen turned off by inactive for a while, you cant let it turn on via click your keyboard or move your finger on the touchpad

  8. I greatly admire your work. This is an amazing feat in my eyes. When I got my chromebook I was excited to play minecraft and then found that I couldn’t. I thought that it would be easier open the in-browser version of minecraft on their website and find a way around the java plugin problem. This is where I spent most of my time. Is Unbutu necessary for the java plug in or is there a way around that with out changing the entire operating system. Sorry, one more question. Can Unbutu run .exe files and or bat. (batch files) or are those excluded like chrome?
    Thanks a ton,

    • Hi Ethan, Ubuntu is necessary for it to work at all, and you either have to install it on the internal SSD or on an external SD card or USB drive. Pretty sure Ubuntu can execute programs but not Windows .exe’s or .bat files written for Windows. It’s an entirely different operating system. Hope this helps!

    • Hi Ethan,

      .exe and .bat files are specific to DOS and Windows. Since the Chromebook does not run Windows, it is unable to run windows executable files.

  9. hey thanks for showing me i really got it from your post and it works perfectly 😀

    • Hi, I do not know for sure, but I seem to recall someone saying for it to work, the entire script would have to be redone, as the CPU architecture is completely different. Hope this helps!

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  11. I can successfully say that this works on a Samsung Series 5 “Alex” Delta Chromebook! Framerate with Optifine and almost lowest settings possible gives 6-20FPS. That’s the power of this little Intel Atom.

  12. Does this work with Acer C7?
    Does this work with Samsung Chromebook?
    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Sam, yes to the Samsung Chromebook (Series 5 550 [Grey] and the newer ARM model) but not the Series 5 500, as far as I know. Don’t think it works with the Acer but I am not sure. Sorry man!

    • I can confirm that this does work on Acer C7. Did it for my brother’s C7 and it was very easy. Purchased my own C7 a few days ago and have yet to do it for I like having Chrome (love Ubuntu for my desktop) and have seen other ways to run java within Chrome. So i’m looking to see in I can run Minecraft within the browser rather than swithing it over. Plus there are a lot of updates coming to Chrome such as app pack which has an application bundled with all its resources. Its with that i’m able to download torrents now with JS Torrent.

      • Would be interested in info on the ‘other ways to run java within Chrome’ – links please!

  13. I cannot even download the Ubunto! After waiting patiently for about 10 minutes, the download finished- Excited, I tried to run it, and to my ‘surprise’, “File type not supported. Please look in the webstore for an app that runs this type of file.” Help, please!

  14. I totally get you guys man. I did the same thing with my android device! I’m still working on it, but there has been rumor of a C++ program that will run a MC server on an android device! This would make server management soooo much easier, especially when the server can be monitored via webadmin. If you guy are interested here’s the link the the site. I am currently having trouble with the .apk itself, but, other than that, the actual server that runs on windows, is quite fast and not glitchy at all.


  15. Hi Mr Jarrett,

    I’ve been looking for ways to get Minecraft on my Samsung ARM Chromebook ($249) and it looks like I may have found one! 🙂
    How do you go about doing this though? I know I need to get Chrbuntu but how do you get the Java for it?

    – Michael

    • if you have chrubuntu or ubuntu then just go to the ubuntu software and search java and get the OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime on it and download once done that right click on minecraft.jar and click properties and clickon permissions and tick the box that says allow executable file as a porgram and click on open with then select the java 6 runtime then all you have to do is click set as default and your ready to go 😀

  16. I have a possibly dumb question, and it’s not about chromebooks, though it does involve Minecraft and Ubuntu.

    I have a Nexus 7, and after reading about dual-boot Android/Ubuntu for Nexus 7, I kind of want to try to run Minecraft. I understand it will be VERY laggy if even possible, but hey, it’s worth a shot. Just wondering though, has anyone actually tried this?

  17. Do you know if it is modifiable? Such as running mod packs on Minecraft?

  18. Thanks for sharing! I was stuck at Java. I installed Java via command prompt but we kept getting an error when trying to open Minecraft. I didn’t even realize there was an Ubuntu software store until I read your blog. My 10 yr old promptly ditched me to go play as soon as we got Minecraft up and running. 🙂

    • i’m also kinda wondering if it does, i have the same laptop as yours but it’s not called xe303c12-a01us XD

  19. Does this work for current Samsung Chromebook? I have received it as a gift recently, and thought I could play minecraft but was disappointed when I found out I could not. Do you know if it plays well to? It is my only computer as of now so I do not wish to mess this up.

  20. guys iv got an acer chrombook and ubuntu and minecraft DEOS work on it and im enjoying playing it so if you want to know then there you go 😀

  21. I have the Acer c7 Chromebook and want to get minecraft but i am afraid to install ChrUbuntu. i want to take the risk but then i don’t. what if it doesnt work and my files are gone? :/

  22. Would it be possible to get Minecraft on a HP Pavilion? It has a 847 Intel processor? It would be really appreciated if someone can figure it out!

  23. Does it work for the ThinkPad Lenovo kind of Chromebook, because my friend is trying to run it in this kind of Chromebook.

  24. Does it work on a HP chrome book
    Cause I got one for Christmas and minecraft is saying that I need an app that will let it open

    • i got it for christmas too and it also says that error, my dad is going to go to his geeky friends to see if they can do the steps above . =P

  25. does this work on the HP Google Chromebook 14 and can you please make a YouTube tutorial for this

  26. i have a question i got this new computer for my birthday i was hoping it would download on mine it is a chromebook series 3 samsung Samsung Series 3 Chromebook XE303C12 – Exynos 5 1.7 GHz – 11.6″ 1366 x 768 – 2 GB RAM – Silver does it work on this kind of computer

  27. PLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reply to my first text i really want to get minecraft and not hurt my fathers feeling

  28. I got this running really well on the new Chromebook C720 (the 4GB RAM version). I use dual booted Chrubuntu (xubuntu 32 bit version) due to the fact I also need to run Microsoft Word smoothly. I’m very impressed by how well it runs!

  29. i have bought 2 google chromebooks for my kids, mainly for them to play minecraft.
    I’m am not sure what models they are, i beleive they may be is… ive tried 4 other things and nothing has worked, please for my children, help me..

  30. Hi folks,

    Those of you writing to ask if your Chromebook can run Minecraft, please understand that it *IS* possible for some models, may NOT be possible for others, but in *ALL* cases, the process requires a significant amount of tech savvy (and in some cases completely replacing the operating system, essentially voiding any warranty.)

    If you purchased a Chromebook (or received one as a gift) solely (even partially) for the purpose of running Minecraft and the words “Linux” or “Bootable SD card” or “ChrUbuntu” are unfamiliar to you, the ONLY way you will succeed is to find someone who knows those terms – very, very well.

    The process I describe in this post and one that follows has not been updated or reviewed in a year; the script I mention may no longer exist and even if it does it may not (almost assuredly will not) work for Chromebooks other than the Samsun Series 5 550 I tested it on.

    DON’T GIVE UP HOPE! I’m a 50 year old relatively tech-oriented person and *I* was able to figure it out with the help of a VERY technical friend and about a day’s work. We relied on blog postings, Internet discussion groups, and in some cases email to get the information we needed. IT CAN BE DONE but no one is going to lay the process out for you. I tried but what I’ve written may no longer be valid.

    MY ADVICE TO YOU is if you are non-technical and/or don’t have any friends that are, return the Chromebook and get a PC or a Mac. It’ll be easier – as long as the machine you get has enough graphics and processor power (here’s a tip: you want a laptop with “discrete graphics.” If you don’t know what that term is, again, find someone who does.)

    IF HOWEVER YOU ARE UP FOR AN ADVENTURE and you are good at the Internetz and you have time to invest, then by all means, DO TRY TO MAKE IT WORK. It was incredibly satisfying to accomplish last year at this time. If I can do it (with help), you can do it – but I can’t simply reply to this post with answers for everyone because each of your situations and configurations is different. TRUST ME, if I could answer you, I would!

    So there you have it – please DO feel free to use this comment thread for ideas – I was able to get my Chromebook to run Minecraft by reading a blog like this one – but it was a LOT of work and a LOT of trial and error.


    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and everything else!


  31. So, installing the second OS on a SD card means when you take the card out, chrome OS will still be installed? I believe i have the series 3 Samsung chromebook, will it be fast enough to play minecraft? thanks.

    • On my Series 5 550, yes, we installed to the SD card and the original OS was untouched. I do not know if the Series 3 has enough graphics and processor power. Start Googling…

  32. Is there an easy-er way? i just got an HP Chromebook for christmas and I want to download minecraft sooo badly! I dint want to jailbreak it either

  33. i have brought my son an acer google chrome book, i have no knowledge of how to do anything on it…we have tried to get minecraft and the pocket edition which has been accepted, but i cant find it anywhere….is there anyway of playing it on this chrome book?

    • Hi Dawn, the short answer is that it *IS* possible, but, only if you are extremely technical and/or know someone who is. So sorry!

  34. Hows it going, Have a question wonder can you help me. I have a h.p. Chrome book,

    and didn’t know when I just bought the mine craft for my son it wont work of I need to

    download some software. Problem is Im not sure where to start, can you lead me to

    the promise land. I dont wanna look like a failure to my 7 year old. Thanks alot Ron

    • Ron, Chromebooks can’t install software – if you want your son to play Minecraft your best bet is to return the Chromebook and get a PC, or, find some uber-techie friends who have the term “Linux” in their vocabulary, they’ll be able to help. So sorry!

  35. I bought the Acer Chromebook C710-2856 on Groupon for a whopping $130! I knew going in that Minecraft would not work on a Chromebook. However I do have a tenacious 10 year old who, through a little searching, found out you can run Minecraft on a Chromebook. I spent a good 2 days researching and working on how to install Linux, Java and Minecraft on a Chromebook. I will post the tutorial for anyone to do. FULL DISCLOSURE – I INSTALLED LINUX AND JAVA, BUT MINECRAFT CRASHES ON THIS MACHINE. I HAVE NOT GOT IT TO RUN. But hopefully someone else can get their version of a Chromebook working and maybe find a solution out there for this model of Chromebook.
    Step 1. Make a backup of your Chromebook. Go to chrome://imageburner in your chrome browser, you will need a flask drive with at least 4GB. Follow directions.
    You will get lots of these errors and warnings. Press the ESC F3 and Power button at the same time. let go of the Power button and you will get the error code of “OS Verification is off” press space to turn on Verification. Do not press space bar. Press CTRL ALT D or let the system sit. You will get 2 beeps and the screen “System is transitioning into Developer Mode. All data will be cleared”
    Wait 5 to 6 minutes while Chromebook does it’s thing. You will get the “OS verification is Off” screen again. Do not press space bar. Press Ctrl Alt D. You are now in Developer mode.
    Step 3. Update Firmware.
    Sign into WiFi but do not log in. Enter terminal mode by pressing Ctrl Alt F2.
    At the LocalHost: prompt type
    then hit enter. At the Cronos@LocalHost: prompt type
    sudo bash
    then press enter
    at the LocalHost User$: prompt type
    chromeos-firmwareupdate -mtodev
    then press enter
    after the firmware update is complete, press Ctrl Alt F1 to get back to Chrome.
    Step 4. Download Crouton.
    Open up the Chrome browser and go to http://goo.gl/fd3zc
    to download Crouton. It should go straight into your download folder.
    Step 5. Install Ubuntu Linux 13.10.
    in Chrome browser press Ctrl Alt T to open up a terminal. Type
    then press enter. Then type the following command:
    sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -a i386 -r saucy -t core,gtk-extra,keyboard,x11,chrome,cli-extra,extension,lxde
    then press enter. This will install Ubuntu Linux for you. This process will take about a half hour. At the end it will prompt you for a user name and password. Using Chroot type
    sudo startlxde
    then press enter. This will start up Ubuntu Linux 13.10.
    Step 6. Install Software-center and Chromium Browser.
    Now that you are in Linux, press Ctrl Alt T to enter the terminal.
    You will need some software. Type
    sudo apt-get install software-center
    press enter. After that is done type
    sudo apt-get install chromium-browser
    then press enter.
    From the terminal run the software center by typing
    sudo software-center
    you will have to enter a password, when the program comes up, type Java into the search box in the upper right hand corner. Select either OpenJDK Java 7 runtime or OpenJDK Java 6 runtime and click the button to the right for install. This could take a couple of minutes. After you will have Java installed.
    NOTE I have used both Java 6 and Java 7 to try and run Minecraft. I have read that Java 7 does not work with Minecraft, however both versions of Java did not make a difference in how Minecraft Crashed.
    Step 8. Download and run Minecraft.
    Open up the chrome browser by clicking on the little world icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Go to Minecraft.net and click on:
    Already got the game
    download it here.
    then click on Minecraft.jar (86 KB) under Linux. It will download into your download folder. Open up the download folder from chrome by clicking on the 3 horizontal dashes in the upper right hand side of the browser, and selecting Downloads. Drag the Minecraft.jar (86 KB) file to your desktop. Right click on the file and go to properties. Select the permissions tab, and make sure to change the execute function to anyone. Select OK.
    Double click on the Minecraft.jar (86 KB) file on your desktop, when Minecraft comes up, log in and click play. This will take some time the first time you do it to download. When it is ready click play again. AT this point, my machine crashes, hopefully your machine will handle it.
    Thanks for hosting this thread, it is wonderful.

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