Vision & Mission

The NCS K4STEMLAB will be a safe place where self-directed learners of all abilities use immersive technologies to develop a love of learning as they inquire about their world. They will observe, question, wonder and explore; create things, both digital and analog; try, fail, try again, and ultimately succeed at their own pace, becoming skilled with a variety of technological tools in the process.

The NCS K4STEMLAB will be an online classroom as much as a physical one. It will strive to avoid being defined by its walls, daily schedules or even whether school is in session. It will be available anytime, anywhere there is a curious child with an internet-connected device. It will be defined by creativity, imagination, inspiration and fun.

The NCS K4STEMLAB will produce learners who will achieve these things within a knowledge framework informed by state and national standards for science and technology. The resulting foundation will prepare them for the rest of their academic career at NCS and beyond. They will be true lifelong learners.