First Graders Learning 3D Design with Tinkercad

Not the first time these first graders have worked in 3D – BuildWithChrome is a longtime favorite – but there really is no comparison; Tinkercad is substantially more powerful and complex.

First Graders Learning 3D Design

First Graders Learning 3D Design

The goal of the lesson was to get them comfortable with the Tinkercad user interface and give them experience designing in three dimensions:

Tinkercad UI

Students had to combine (with minimal modifications) basic geometric shapes to form a house. They found out it’s easy to think something is lined up properly…

Looks ok...
…when in reality, it isn’t:

It was a very successful day, but, we’re just getting warmed up – yesterday’s class was the first I’ve ever done with Tinkercad in First Grade. I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of my students do! I was very impressed by the ease with which they learned the program and feel this is a sign of great things to come with these kids!

– Mr. Jarrett