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Fw: 20 Things Educators Need to Know about Learning Spaces

This terrific piece came to me via email (thanks Krisca Te) and it’s too good not to share. “20 Things Educators Need to Know about Learning Spaces” talks briefly about Stephen Heppell’s work including his Ingenium project, but the crux of the article is 20 of Heppell’s learning space design ideas in tasty, bite-sized morsels.

[5 Days to Go] Screencasts tested; IdeaPaint applied; Foam mats placed; Words inspire

Screencast Beta Testers
Today was another busy day with a smattering of amazing breakthroughs, minor setbacks and significant milestones.

[One Week to Go] Chromebooks arrive, furniture still enroute; IdeaPaint going up Friday; Lesson plans? What lesson plans?

Command Center
Does this look like the desk of a teacher a week before school starts?

(You never know when a can of black spray paint will come in handy.)

It’s been a solid week since my last update, ¬†literally haven’t had a spare moment to blog since. We’re in prime ultra mega crunch time now, so I’m gonna keep this short.

[14 Days to Go] Power tools go home; Z-Rack complete; Major classroom technology wins nearly complete the space

Z-Rack Under Construction
I had been dreading the final stage of the Z-Rack build, but in the end, I was successful.¬†it isn’t perfect, but it is excellent, and I did it by myself (though Fay Crooks, Mary Lou Best, and Michele Seals all helped me wrestle the freshly-mounted board onto the vertical poles.) Its completion (and the other fabrication wins today) mean my power tools are no longer needed. The only major remaining space tasks/needs are dry erase paint for one giant wall in the back and my student work tables/chairs. We do have a few more surprises coming, though…