See you at Maker Faire New York – TOMORROW!

Are you going? I went in 2012 and had an amazing time. (Check out my Flickr album – not my best work photographically but it will give you a sense of the event.)

I will be attending this year (Saturday) with a colleague (or two!) and am hoping to run into some NCS families I know will be attending as well! The weather forecast is awesome, too.

See you there!

Fw: 10 Tools To Teach Kids The Basics Of Programming

Just came across this article about programming resources for kids … there are tons of these lists, but I found this particular one worth sharing because several of them are new to me … we’ve used Scratch and Tynker … Alice is for older kids (advanced upper elementary & middle) … many of these tools are available as apps as well as websites. Check them all out and see which your kids like best (personally I think Tynker is the strongest in the group.) Enjoy!

Seeking Second Grade Partner Classrooms for Collaborations, Projects & more!

UPDATE 9/19: Whoa, Nelly! We’ve been INUNDATED with responses from interested partner classrooms! Want in? Please fill out this form if you haven’t already. THANKS!!!

Hello, Grade 2 teachers … in the USA and around the world! We’re Northfield Community Elementary School in southeastern New Jersey and we’re looking for five partner classes to work with us this year on various collaborative projects. Our great state of New Jersey’s technology standards include the following for second graders:

8.1.2.C.1: Engage in a variety of developmentally appropriate learning activities with students in other classes, schools, or countries using electronic tools.

And so, we need YOU and YOUR STUDENTS! What for, exactly? Great question! We’re open to ideas. We’re about ready to kick off a neat blogging project on empathy. That could work. We also have plans to explore the environment (a compare & contrast with your neck of the woods would be super easy and could go in a lot of directions). We can use Skype, Google Hangouts, or services like or We’ve got a pretty awesome STEMLAB (my K-4 technology education classroom) in which we do lots of cool projects that could also be fun to try together. The sky’s the limit. Really!

Fw: Project-Based Engineering for Kids


Just came across this and wanted to share – what a fantastic selection of projects and activities for the classroom as well as the home! Rainy/cold winter days will be upon us soon, so, get your craft sticks, glue guns, rubber bands, propellers, wheels, straws, etc., ready for some fun! Click the image above or this link:

Bracelet Project: Made with Code

Mom and Dad, are you looking for a fun, easy project to do with your daughters … to spark their interest in coding and 3D printing?