Extraordinaires are Extraordinary!

We recently have had the awesome chance to work in Mr. Jarrett’s digital shop. For our project we did the Extraordinaires experience. Each student worked with a partner to complete their projects. They have all written a blog post about their projects. 

Today I will be talking about the sports wear for the soldier.

First, we designed in our designs books. Abir and I were talking about what should we do the project. So we thought  hard about the how we could make a the sports wear for the soldier.

Next, we both choose the soldier. We had to create a sport wear for the soldier. We read the paper for the soldier for information about what he likes.

Finally, we used duct tape, hot glue, clay, pipe cleaners, screws and cardboard. We created football clothes for him. We created a helmet, cleats, shirt and pants.  We used a powerpoint to present project. In Conclusion, it was very cool and I really liked the extraordinaires project!



Emily, Jess and I we were put in a group together.  We had to  make a ceremony place for our wizard and to help him.  First we had to draw a sketch in our design books. We drew a floating chair and a ceremony place.

We made him a chair that flies and he can move it around. We made a little place for the wizard. We put a window,bookshelf, his chair and symbols. Last we made a clay wizard we made him with a beard and eyes. We had to make a PowerPoint slide talking about what we made when we finished and then we had to present it .



My friend Alex and I have been working on Extraordinaires project. For our Extraordinaires project we had to make a shoe for a robot, but the problem was he had to go up the stairs. First, we drew a sketch in our sketch books. Then, we wrote down the materials. We needed a portable battery, red/orange/yellow duct tape, cardboard, wire, a egg carton, foil and paper. But we only use the egg carton, duct tape, cardboard, foil and paper. After that, we were in the building process. We first thought to hot glue a rectangle piece of cardboard but we scratched that idea and revamped it with a much cool foil covered egg carton springs. Back to building, we cut out the shape of the shoe. Then Mrs. Awesome Sauce (Mrs. Doran) cut it out. The next that we were there Alex typed the yellow duct type. While I cut and colored the flaming wings. Finally, we finished building our and we name it wait for it………………. The Flaming Shoe!



The Extraordinaires project was fun. I liked building the four rooms. I liked the workout room the best. It was fun working with the group. We were reading the report and showed the space house to the rest of the class. We all took turns.



We made a space house for an astronaut to live in.We used a shoe box for the space house. We made 4 rooms, a living room/bedroom,a kitchen, a gym and a mud room. In the living room/bedroom we printed pictures of a few chairs, we printed a picture of a dog and his family. We also put a shelf in that room. In the kitchen we made tables and chairs out of thread spools. We added food on the tables. We put pictures of the planets on the wall. We put workout equipment in the gym. The mudroom was for when the astronaut came into the house. We covered the house with aluminum foil for protection. We colored Popsicle sticks with different color markers, then we put them on top of the foil for space gravity. We use a black pipe cleaner for his antenna. Last we decorated a paper towel to look like the sky, it was blue with stars. This was an amazing project!



In digital Shop we made a flaming shoe. We use the Extraordinaire cards. We made it with hot glue,duct tape, cardboard,tin foil,paper, and crayons. We made the flaming shoe for a robot to walk up and down the stairs. When we were done making it we made a Slides presentation. Then we showed the class.  I think the shoe  was creative. When we used the Extraordinaire cards it was awesome.  


For my Extraordinaires project I had to build a ceremony place for a wizard with my group. First we start by getting materials. Then we brainstormed how to help the wizard walk. So we made him a hover-chair. We use a shoe box, a 3D printer, clay, fabric, pictures and a hot glue gun. After we got the materials we needed we built a chair. Then we hot glued it. When we waited for the hot glue to cool down and  we made a remote for the chair using the 3D printer. After that we built a ceremony. My most favorite part was when I first use the 3D printer. Using the 3D printer was so awesome.


I made a wizard ceremony place. The wizard is made of clay. The floating chair is made of cardboard. The pictures are on the side and the back of him. The felt is so he can not see the sun from the outside. The button is to turn the floating chair. The button is made from 3D printer. The wizard was happy and excited to be in the house, that we made for him. The wizard is sitting on the floating chair so he can go faster.  I made a book for the wizard.The book was made of cardboard and felt . The box was for the wizard.  The play-doh is the light for the wizard. I was excited because It was very fun.


My partner was Kayla. We pick the soldier and we made football sportswear for him. The equipment we used was cardboard, a hot glue gun, duct tape (yellow, purple, orange and silver.) markers, clay, and pipe cleaners. The problem was that it needs to protect him from fighting. We used yellow for the shirt, orange for the knee pads, purple for the vest, and silver for the pant. We were originally going to use the 3D printer to make the helmet but we used clay instead because the 3D printer will take a long time to make. I really liked the project because it went very well and it also was fun.


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The Building Process

We have been creating our robots for about 7 sessions now. We are almost done our robots. We are working out the kinks. We have built our robots and now we are testing the littleBits to see if they work.  We have all written our own posts below.


By  Andrew


My robot is a dog and the dog moves around. The wheels are not able to not bend. We used felt on the body so it would simulate fur and it looks nicer. What I learned using littleBits is that it is hard to make the littleBits stay together and they have to be in the right place for it to stay if it’s upside down. How my robot functions is it works with littleBits, wheels, Legos, tissue boxes, antennas and styrofoam for the eyes.  With the wheels there is a DC motor so they can move and P1 power, powers it.  I like building, design and using the littleBits.


Aneudy Valerio 

I am making a robot Trimline Telephone. So far, the materials I have used are styrofoam, cups for the speaker and receiver. I am using a cord from an old trimline telephone. Mr.Jarrett helped me record the sound of an office trimline telephone for the sound. We recorded the sound on a littlebits microphone. I like the fact I designed the phone and I am putting it together.


Jessica and Lukas

My robot is amazing robot. There are buttons on his body. I covered the cereal box with blue paper and used styrofoam for the hands. The time screen is for the eyes. The light is for the nose. I used pipe cleaners for the mouth, ears, and  hands. We use littleBits to power the hands and the nose. It can move his hands back and forth. The nose can also light up. It was easy because we used littleBits. I use Legos to keep the hands on the side. My favorite part is to turn it on and off.  I use are: 2 batteries and code, 3 servo, and a the light. The hands move with the servo. The nose was the light. Lukas liked to build the head to make it move.


 Kayla and Lydia

My robot is The Rock and Roll musician. I learned how to put the little bits together for the littleBits to work. To build my robot I used a tissue box for the head, Cereal box for the body, cups for the legs and styrofoam for the feet. We reinforce the robot’s legs by using the rulers. We hot glued the rulers and put them as the robot’s legs. I covered the rulers with plastic cups. The littleBits I used speaker, magnets, long led, p1 power, battery, cable and a button. A speaker was put in the robot’s chest for the music, the song is “Old Time Rock N Roll”.  My favorite part was working with friends and building the legs. We added a guitar and necklace with a peace sign. I think it is cool!


Alex and Abir

My robot is a helicopter. On the top of the helicopter we added the littleBits and they move. We painted it red. It looks awesome. On the helicopter we used the littleBits to move the propellers. It looks cool. We used styrofoam legos, paint and the littleBits. I have fun with the class and using little bits.

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Beginning Creation

We began the creation of our robots. After doing research and gathering info we were able to start. The first step of our robot is to imagine and design it. We used our projects pad to start our drawings. Our sketches had to be detailed. We decided we need many materials. For example paper towel rolls toilet paper rolls , tissue boxes ,cereal boxes cardboard cups, cans, plastic, Legos, bottles, fabric, foam, any other household items, but most importantly batteries.  These materials will be the bones and body of our robots.

IMG_5400 IMG_5401 IMG_5402

Attached is a blog from Aneudy who is creating the phone pictured above.


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Let’s Explore!


first day 6 first day 4 first day 5 first day 3 first day 2 1st day

Today we explored littleBits, how they go together, what they do and what their functions are. We found out they run on batteries and they connect with magnets. There are  speakers, buzzers, switches, fans and lights. We also found out there are different types of switches. There are buttons, dials, sliders, pressure sensors and motion activated switches. We had a lot of fun and are very excited to learn more. 

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A little about us…

We are Mrs. Doran`s Class from Northfield Community School and we are creating robots . We will be using Littlebits and found materials to create our robots. We are in 5th, 7th and 8th grade. Our journey will be with Mr. Jarrett, our technology teacher. We are working in groups and are able to build anything we want. We, the students, will be blogging our experience throughout the way. We are very excited!

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